I'm sorry!

Sep 22, 2012

I know, I dropped off the face of the earth when I had barely begun my Photo 365.
Unfortunately, things went a bit crazy in July, so I had to give up the project.
I should have posted about that much sooner, and for that I apologize.

While I have had to give up on my 365 for now, I do hope to pick it back up again, maybe at the New Year. Well, it will be a start over, really. There are still some more crazy times ahead for me all the way through next summer (see moving), so I'm afraid I can't promise, but I do hope to do so.

In the meantime, I will still do my best to post when I can, and post some of my favorite photos- new and old. Will Fall now here, and Christmas coming up, photo ideas will not be running short, so I hope to get some great ones taken, edited, and posted.

Of course, you can always also keep up with me at FacebookEtsy, and now also on Pinterest!

Thank you for your patience.

Photo 365 Days 31 & 32

Jul 2, 2012

This week (Monday through Friday) I and my friend Rachel, that I am doing this project with, are doing a patriotic theme, due to the holiday week.
Therefore, today's picture first.

Day 32-


Day 31-


Photo 365 Days 27, 28, 29, & 30

Jun 30, 2012

I am now officially caught up!!!
And I'm going to post the days in revers, because I love today's photo the most.

Day 30-
The greatest symbol of real love ever. Here we were reconciled with God, gaining His righteousness, forever to remain in His grace, and live a life of Shalom.

Reminders of Righteousness

Day 29-
Sometimes I don't get to eat dinner until late...like last night.

Late-night Dinner

Day 28-
It was so hot again, I had to get myself an ICEE...blue raspberry and cherry mixed.

Purple Pop

Day 27-
Just some fun with a random picture of some window blinds.


Until tomorrow,

Photo 365 Days 23, 24, 25, & 26

Here is the first make-up post for this crazier than normal week.

Day 23-
I was really missing my friends from Bible school that day.


Day 24-

Night Out Of Focus

Day 25-
My oldest niece and my nephew spent the night...she always has to have a bedtime story from Grandma.

Bedtime Story

Day 26-
Watching airplanes, and wishing I could fly away and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Fly Away

Next post coming tonight or tomorrow.

Photo 365 Days 20, 21, 22

Jun 22, 2012

Sorry the first two are delayed. I've been a bit distracted lately.

Day 20

My Keys

Day 21

Hats All A Blur

Day 22

Diamond Light